A Blow to Global Bureaucracy!

While U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Jon Bolton famously said, “We could lop the top four floor off the UN building, and no one would ever notice”. The UN has abandoned it’s ideal, it’s intent. Additionally, America spends Billions of dollars playing mein host to the U.N., in maintenance expenses and in unrealized real estate revenue.

The U.N. is Supposed to:

  1. Maintain International Peace and Security
  2. Protect Human Rights
  3. Deliver Humanitarian Aid
  4. Promote Sustainable Development
  5. Uphold International Law

I believe simple geography plays a major part in it’s fall from it’s nobel cause. That it is located in Manhattan only exacerbates the issues. There is a huge “delegation” of U.N. bureaucrats in Manhattan, living lives unimaginable to their countrymen. What few know is, there is an equal contingent back in each member nation. I’m not sure of the schedule, and it may vary, but the employees are supposed to spend X amount of time in Manhattan, then rotate out with their contemporaries back home. However, this never happens. The splendor that is NYC–the restaurants, standard of living, entertainment, perks, etc, they basically defect, while retaining their diplomatic status.
My proposition solves many core functional issues with the UN, worldwide. I call it, “The Cloud Plan”. I propose it be converted to an Olympics-style “Moveable Feast”. Member Nations vie for and “win” hosting the UN for a period–be it four, eight, ten, however many, years, by dint of being the POOREST Member Nation–the nation with the Lowest GDP. The UN relocates to Haiti, Somalia, Burkina Faso, wherever and, like the Olympics, BUILDS the infrastructure needed to function. The UN can be “headquartered” anywhere on the Planet. Yes, there would be great expense. But that would be LESS than maintaining the bloat and inefficiency, hosting ungrateful, resentful “diplomats” in Manhattan. The shedding of Dead Weight would be Epic. What would be left are the CORE UN workers, those truly dedicated to improving the world, rather than their waistlines at Manhattan eateries.
Would the UN screech in outrage? Yes. And the more bureaucratic and corrupt and crooked, the louder they would scream.
Here’s a plan that :

  1. Frees US from the indignity of hosting hostility,
  2. Frees up PRIME Manhattan Real Estate,
  3. Forces the UN to focus on what it’s SUPPOSED to be about,
  4. Sheds the dead and corrupt weight from the UN,
  5. Actually BENEFITS the poorest member nations, by bringing infrastructure and commerce to their country.

How could this Not win?