The CLOUD Difference

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In collaboration with the community, businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals, we share ideas, work on projects and tackle some of the challenges of today.

Our attention focuses on the pillars:


Chris & Debbie Cloud

We are Chris & Debbie Cloud.

People are all different and have different beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  Honestly, people will never agree with each other on everything, nor should they. 

WE CHALLENGE people on current issues and actively provoke collaboration of people, projects, and organizations for proactive solutions. 

WE ENGAGE people to raise awareness, discuss tough issues, confront misconceptions and push for better outcomes.  

WE DEDICATE ourselves to working together despite our differences. 

This is achieved when we stop fighting over who is right and who is wrong. 

Instead, we focus on civil dialogue, discussion of different opportunities, and finding a successful resolution.  The goal is to find what is right for the specific circumstance.

The Three-Step Process:

Identify the Focused Priority   

Define the Challenges

Implement the Dynamic, Strategic Plan

This is our formula for all our ventures.

Over the years, we have worked with clients from around the world located in many countries with a variety of interests.  The common thread they share about our character and our service is consistent: 

“Chris & Debbie bring an innovative dedication to the project at hand,
focusing on the interests of the individual client and the success of the venture.

No matter the issue, we are active with social concerns, local government, and politics.  When we see an issue in our society as a trending concern, we take action to bring awareness, promote engagement, and collaborate on viable solutions.

This is not about party politics. This is about “foundational politics”, a coined term of Chris for how Debbie becomes focused on selective issues. It’s about engaging and being dedicated to a better future. The challenge we face is the fact that ideological foundations have changed in politics, and our culture at large. 

Our bold involvement sparks confrontation on tough issues and encourages others to do the same.  This forges people to share their upsetting outrage and inspired ideas to meet the challenges head-on.  We push for positive, solution-focused results. 

By engaging in civil discourse, people resolve real issues.  Replacing the distraction of divisive party politics or any particular “ism” that divides, with the Cloud’s Foundational Politics that support the future of our country. We focus on how to “deprogram” our blindness to see options for better potential outcomes. 

Ultimately, the answer is stepping up to the challenge and finding resolutions!

That is The CLOUD Difference!

OUR SPECIALIZED AREAS allow us to narrow down our focus to be effective in the community and with clients: communityhealth, sustainability, & real estate.

Our projects range from one-time consulting to ventures that take years.  Some clients want site visits with remote support.  Others clients want us to coach through the process or manage the project to completion.  Each venture is different depending on the needs of the client and/or the project. 

We work with a variety of organizations and individuals devoted to America and the future of our country. Two of our efforts are American Family Alliance and American Life & Liberty. Both of these organizations are not connected to a political party and focus on the best solutions for America.

OUR FOCUS for the new year of 2024 is on Mindful Readiness & Rightful Action within our families, our networks, our communities, our states, our country, and around the world.

We work by referral or invitation on mutually beneficial endeavors.   A portion of our proceeds goes directly to our social projects.  Resumes and references are available upon request.

Thank you for visiting!

Specialty: Real Estate

Greater Piedmont is built with creative country commercial real estate ventures weaved through the local residents to support the vitality and individuality of this local area. Our Brokerage focuses on the formula of being positive, helpful, skilled partners in your real estate venture investments & life changes.

Specialty: Sustainability

Society is ready to accept a reevaluation of our energy demands, production & consumer usage & packaging. Greenwashing is not sustainable.  Our role is the vanguard of education, implementation & innovation in the Northern Piedmont to embrace sustainable solutions that WORK.

Specialty: Health

People today want individual-centered, integrated health plans with evidence-based solutions that address the complex challenges being faced. The goal is independent wellness.  Our collaborative approach utilizes lifestyle, intervention & coaching to provide direction in prevention & recovery paired with quality of life, longevity & freedom. 

Specialty: Community

Community is local and its vitality is with Mom & Pops on Main Street. The stregnth of Community is early detection & intervention for current rising cultural trends and concerns. Teaching personal empowerment changes lives.  Strong, well informed  communities prevent escalation into crisis. Our focus is on advocacy, education, research & service.