Changing Mindsets Regarding the Efficiency of Renewable Energy, Recycling, and Water Usage

Our modern consumer-based and capitalist society is by far the most advanced and progressive in the history of humanity.  The ease and acceptance with which we discard old ideas in favor of newer, more advanced and efficient methods is encouraging.

We, when shown evidence of the benefits, change out light bulbs, change driving habits, implement modern climate controls, integrate different means of transportation, and amend our consumer habits.

Society needs to See the cause and effect, and the benefits of modifying our behavior.  Once spelled out, those changes are quite often implemented with minimal resistance.

Sustainable Solutions

Society is ready and willing to accept a reevaluation of our energy demands, our energy production, and our consumer packaging.  We hope to be a vanguard of education, implementation, and innovation in introducing and encouraging our society, especially here in the Northern Piedmont, to embrace innovative solutions that WORK.

We believe we are on the cusp of truly game-changing modifications to our ideas of energy, water, and resource conservation.  Society is ready and willing to accept well-thought-out solar, wind, and hydrogen power and rainwater catchment.

We encourage and hope to promote Smarter packaging of our consumer goods.  Packaging that negates the behemoth that the “Recycling” industry has become, a self-sustaining Industry whose survival is at the whims of fractions of a percent change in energy costs.

Chris Cloud’s Specialty Interest to Advocate, Educate & Advise

  • Benefits of Rainwater Catchment
  • Changes in legislation for Rainwater Catchment
  • Consumer purchase & brand loyalty to products that implement “Intelligent Packaging” (Boxed Water Is Better, Daisy Sour Cream, other biodegradable packaging brands)
  • Utilization of Solar Energy, Water Heating, & Rainwater Catchment.
  • Implementation of Solar & Renewable Energy sources during the construction phase of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Structure Orientation to maximize natural benefit, & minimize energy consumption for climate control and lighting
  • Hemp Farming for health & the utilization of Hemp Products replacing less sustainable products

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