An Appeal for Free Speech!

We are knee-deep in Very trying times.  Myriad events, and nearly warring factions are testing the very core of our National Resolve.  Nerves are frayed, patience is running preciously thin, we are at a boiling point. 

Some things ought to unite us.  Basic tenants, ideals that define our Exceptional Nation, ought to bridge any and every divide.  The sanctity of childhood.  National security.  Fairness.  Unity.  Due process.  And yes, Free Speech.  All these concepts ought to cross any partisan aisle.  Universal Truths if you will. 

Sadly, we have personally been repeatedly assaulted.  Our household is Patriotic.  We are dedicated to our nation.  We believe that our collective Greatest Goal is to assure that every citizen can realize their highest potential.  Chemists ought to be free to experiment.  Engineers ought to reach their highest and best ideas.  Janitors ought to be free to be the most efficient floor polishers.  There is Nothing as evil as intentionally Throttling another—of holding them back for one’s own agenda. 

Which is why we are adamant that the Vandal, the habitual, chronic, fascist censor that was caught red handed silencing with impunity our free speech, ought to be held to the maximum accountability. 

On July 7, a neighbor eye witnessed and confronted a person vandalizing our political sign.  The sheriff’s deputy interviewed our witness, and my wife.  Our witness positively identified the perp (a 77-year-old who has owned and operated a shop in the area for Decades!).  Upon confrontation by the Deputy, the perp’s response was an indignant, “Well!  If they are going to put up a sign like That, they ought to Expect this!!”  As if, “expecting” is equivalent to “Accepting”.  We have fire and rescue at airports.  We have emergency medics at NASCAR races.  We may, indeed, “Expect” crashes, but We Do Not Accept them! 

We have had Three other neighbors volunteer their tales of woe and malicious encounters (often face-to-face!) with this malcontent neighborhood terror.  Our signs have been vandalized since—this only galvanizes our resolve to replace and repair their attempts at silencing.  We also Must send a message, that this Will Not Be Tolerated, and there Will be Consequences! 

Friends and Neighbors, all partisanship aside, Fascists Silence Free Speech!!  This is an issue we ALL ought to object to!  This is something NONE of us ought to tolerate.  This is something No one ought to be subjected to. 

This perp was confronted, has been charged, has been indignant and defiant about his transgressions.  I appeal to you All, conservative or liberal, to join us at 10:00 on September 21, to pack the gallery at the Fauquier County Courthouse.  We should all wear identifying clothing (MAGA or KAG or Trump gear works) to show the judge how many of us find this person’s actions Despicable, Degenerate, Deplorable, Intolerant, and INTOLERABLE! 

I have been assured that we are welcome to pack the gallery, that our presence will Not influence the perpetrator’s guilt or innocence, but MAY influence the SENTENCING aspects of this case. 

So please, if you are able and willing, Join Us, September 21, at 10:00, at the Fauquier County Courthouse!!