Healthy Living is an Integrated, Holistic Approach

There is a divide in the approach to health care. This division, like our political ideologies, causes contentions on how to approach and resolve health concerns. Too many specialists not working together will never ensure our well-being.


The “Standard of Practice” approach to health is a formula based on evidence-based research building the average of what works for most people, most of the time. This is the “Standard of Practice” that defines what is “Normal”. The assumption is that the definition will resolve your concern. That means the provided solution restores a person to a “Normal” state equaling the research with the greatest percentage of the recovery.

This means you are to fit into that preconceived state of “Normal”. If A, then B. Normal equals a specific “Best Practices” criteria. The actions are to put that person back into that normal state. Most often the treatment is with prescriptions, toxic interventions, like Chemo (to poison a cancerous tumor), or surgery (to remove or repair). Some innovative medicines include diet and lifestyle.

Our approach is that everyone is different and all things are interrelated. The core causation influences many different systems and has a rippling effect that can make understanding the root concern complicated. Thus, health is found where evidence-based research, which is the most current clinical protocols and alternative practice focuses on individual wellness at the root concern.

Having health professionals and their teams skilled in patient-centric, comprehensive care to identify how all the symptoms are interrelated and compound a person’s health is vital for true wellness and longevity. Healthy systems with imbalances unchecked can create a cascading effect that works against the body’s natural healing. When the focus shifts to resolving holistic, core concerns of the individual, the body works with you to restore the whole system.

The “Best Practice” in this system is not a preconceived notion. Instead, it is designed to help you, holistically for wellness and longevity. The consideration is, yes, on the evidence-based research matched specifically to who you are, what is your best, what is your genetics, what is your lifestyle, what is your history, what is your family, what are your demands and stressors, what are your trauma, what makes you weak, what has no effect and what makes you thrive.

The approach is not just medications and surgery. The focus is broadened to all aspects of life and is integrated to provide the best outcomes for a happy, healthy life. The approach to understanding what makes you well and happy is a system that includes a wellness team. Some doctors have this setup and are available. If not, then you have to build it yourself. It can be confusing. We can consult and provide some resources on which direction is best.


HEALTH is the ability to functionally adapt to any situation when facing physical, mental, social, and spiritual challenges.  Being capable of navigating a crisis and restoring normal living is a healthy resolution.  Harmful situations, including unhealthy dynamics, can make this difficult to resolve successfully. At times, an event or something chronic can escalate into illness and other health concerns. 

THE GOAL is being able to resolve situations and move forward on your best foot. Roadblocks build barriers that impede our health.


CRISIS is part of life. Things happen. Something happens and well-being spirals out of control. If corrected early, the impact is less. If the assault of one kind or another sets in over a long time, more and more fall out happen, and finding the underlying concern becomes more complex.

Empowered communities where individuals are strong and healthy. Something happens, and people are able to navigate the circumstances due to the community network. They support an individual or family that enters into crisis. Being a strong and healthy community that has a network in place for those in crisis is the safety net for that person or family to be resilient and successful.

The goal is to educate that crisis is a transition through a possible traumatic event. By providing a strong network, the trauma is reduced when a healthy community has resources that support individual and family healthy living. The government is not capable of being that community safety net, nor should they.


THE PROBLEM comes when the traumatic event or situation, or even a toxic situation, becomes an injury. The individual, family, or even a community does not heal and cannot recover from the crisis. Like cancer, isolation sets in, and the issues escalate. Nothing can be resolved until the core issues are addressed and positive steps of recovery occur. When professionals can not find a “diagnosis”, they refer to a psych consult for a mental diagnosis.

This is where our nation is as a whole, exhausted from endless crises and not resolution in sight. Problem galore and so much conflicting information. People want to understand what is real, what will help and how to heal. They want to know what they do makes a difference.

The research now is showing how neuroimmunological and neuroinflammation are having profound causation of health concerns including psychological symptoms (not the core causation). Thus, misdiagnosis is common when the focus is not on causation and holistic healing. With a system that does not identify core issues, it can take years to find help. Typically, during this time there is an escalation of health concerns.

Therefore to find resolution, there has to be a level of understanding among the individuals in the community to identify early warning signs, red flags, and areas of concern that are in need of intervention.

The strong and healthy community has resources qualified and trained to intervene successfully. Right now that is hard to find in all the confusion.

Education, awareness, and empathy to understand another’s experience make a huge difference in strong and good communities.


Integrated Health is the ability to recover from life experiences to live an empowered, balanced lifestyle that integrates each step taken no matter the challenges being faced. People and communities learn to regulate themselves and their lives. Support teams help with the process of educating on the best practices. The focus is local and individually based.

Everyone and every situation are different, and what is needed to recover is unique to them. Thus, there is no one-size answer.  A collaborative team that is individually focused makes the difference in finding the best resolution. 

The key to restoring and maintaining your integrated health is by raising awareness, education, learning skills, and networking resources. This is achieved through trained Trauma-Informed collaboration. Please see American Family Alliance & Foundation (coming in 2023).


LIFE IS A JOURNEY with peaks and valleys.  Experiences happen. The difference is how we handle our expectations and individual experiences along the way.

EVERY STEP of that journey either aligns your integrated holistic health (system in balance) or sends life off course.  Learning the skills of what harms you and what makes you stronger are vital parts of the process.  Understanding your own personal thresholds and learning the subtle nuances to adjust and balance your life makes it much easier to maintain a positive and healthy life.  Building a team that listens and is trustworthy makes integrated holistic health possible.

That is The CLOUD Difference!

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