Real Estate

Around the World & Here in Virginia

We are Chris & Debbie Cloud, known around Northern Fauquier as The CLOUD Difference (a strategic consulting team working in Northern Virginia).  We consult around the world and handle real property deals here in Virginia. Our worldly experience includes general managers, project management, business administration, hospitality, property management, investment properties, estate management, and commercial real estate.

Chris & Debbie’s goal is to take the client’s idea and locate options for the best property for that endeavor. We enjoy locating, developing and implementing a creative vision of a client looking to impact the community with innovative ideas.  

Greater Piedmont is built with creative country commercial real estate ventures weaved through the local residents to support the vitality and individuality of this local area. Crossing over Thorough Fare Gap there needs to be a sign posted “Beyond Here Be Dragons!”  The dedicated Piedmont lifestyle is not for the faint of heart.

Our clients seek a special niche to set up shop, invest or call home.  The back roads of the Greater Piedmont and unique locales provide the canvas to expand on the Virginian “Hidden Charm”!

Chris & Debbie work with a select group of clients and their specific real estate interests.  Our expertise in the full spectrum of real estate lends our unique touch and dedication to our client’s projects.  Debbie started working in the real estate profession back in 1987, and received her license the first time in 1989.  Chris had worked in yacht/estate/island management since 1994 and received his real estate license in 2017. 

Our Formula is being positive, skilled partners in their real estate ventures.  Our Teamwork is based on our foundational qualities of:


Chris & Debbie’s clients have a variety of different projects and each requires a different real estate team from conception to completion.  We have created unique packages to provide information, resources, and options in the real estate process that is unique for each client and their goals.

  • Invitation to work with The CLOUD Difference
  • Community Development Projects
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Farming in Virginia & Cottage Industries
  • Professional Horse Operations in Hunt Country
  • Getting Prepared to Invest in Real Estate
  • The Truth About Buying & Selling
  • The Skinny on The Comparative Market Analysis
  • The Integrated Marketing Package

Chris & Debbie Cloud, The CLOUD Difference is a real estate team at the brokerage United Real Estate Horizon located in Warrenton, Virginia. Broker Loni Colvin is absolutely the best there is and an amazing resource. We joined Greater Piedmont Realtors because we believe strongly in the code of ethics and standards of the association.  Debbie has completed all her brokerage licensing classes and is finalizing the licensing process. We work out of our home office in Marshall, Virginia.

What makes us different from others is our vast experience that lends value to any real estate transaction. Anyone can buy and sell. We bring much more to the table.

That is The CLOUD Difference.

You are welcome to contact us about a real estate investment or property venture, or go to our brokerage page to do  YOUR OWN REAL ESTATE SEARCH or contact us and we will work on a personal plan for you.

We work on a referral basis and by invitation only, and a portion of our proceeds go to our social projects.

*Resumes & References available upon request.