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GLOBAL FAMILY ALLIANCE is dedicated to promoting early detection and intervention for current rising cultural concerns, preventing family crisis that cause at-risk youth, and developing strong, empowered families within the community through advocacy, education, research and service.

2019 Directive – Encouraging early intervention and prevention and long term transitional programs for survivors of trauma. 

For all the current concerns, to include Opioids, Trafficking, Attachment Based Parent Alienation (Erased Family), Domestic Violence, Violent Abuses, School Shootings & Suicide, the answer is early intervention & prevention that focuses on the root psychopathology, along with long term transition for authentic relationships in strong communities.  By reducing stigma and educating communities through collaboration, the survivor has the best outcomes.

Early Childhood Trauma

The focus is on the Opioid Addiction that is front and center on the news. 

Child Sex Trafficking is on the rise across our country and around the world.  Currently Trafficking Rings are being broken up every day.   Gangs 101 says find two other people and start pimping girls. No one has realized yet that the children in your home have a window to the world where highly sophisticated gang members, criminals and other dangerous people come into your house through social media, befriends them giving the child what they want and need, and using coercive controls to steal your children under your nose using highly skilled efforts of fear, shame and threats against your child, siblings and parents. 

Child Sex Trafficking is up every year 500% and will surpass the Opioid Health Crisis by 2020.

Suicide is now up 45% and a major concern across our country.

Early Intervention & Prevention

Everyone agrees the answer is early intervention and prevention most family crisis concerns.   

The PROBLEM is how to get to the ones being victimized early enough to prevent the patterns of targeting and abuse. 

The known answer is early intervention and prevention when families are seeking help, prior to crisis of drugs or trafficking.  Families and communities need to know the common roots that sets up the victimization.

The steps are targeting, grooming and ultimately coercive control through psychological abuse, physical abuse, drug abuse and sexual abuse.  Criminals trick victims.  Then they keep victims in line by fear, force, threat, shame and abuse.

Families that face Coercive Control of Psychological Abuse end up being targeted by gangs, criminals and other dangerous individuals to include terrorists.  The face addiction, child sex trafficking and other criminal activity.  They are now trapped in a very dangerous world, with no way out.  No one has the tools to help them until its too late to prevent the damage.

The core is early violent abuse to include sexual abuse against children starting in the earliest years of life. The result is trauma that can be groomed and triggered to repeat the cycle abuse and dependence.

The Red Flags of Victims of Psychological Abuse

Do you know the Red Flags of Coercive Control?  And even more importantly do you know HOW to intervene safely? One wrong move can cost the child their life. This is about safety on all levels, protection and successfully recovering a child, or now adult. Typically, early abuse takes about 30-40 years before the now adult consciously seeks help from professionals.

After years of research in the cultural concerns around family and crisis, prevention and the earliest of intervention is the best option to keep families from falling into extreme situations that ends up with serious interventions and long term dependency on government services, family devastation or death.  This complicated, multilayered, giant concern can be addressed with an added layer bridging the family communities with the right services.

After speaking with thousands of survivors of abuse and crisis, and a full spectrum of professionals in almost every possible field of expertise, all agree that dealing directly with the under currents of what dis-empowers families, one or all members.  The goal would be to empower the family as a whole and each member within the community in order to prevent or at least intervene at the earliest point to to avoid extreme crisis and radical interventions.  This means healthy connections and healthy relationships.

Coercive Control  and other abuses are the Core Issues found within the Child Sex Trafficking, and other serious crimes against children.  These are the early signals of disempowerment that gangs, criminals and terrorists are trained to target children and break their ties to their communities.

Predators and malicious personalities groom targets at first friending them, and then slowly hooking them through manipulations.  Things start out fine and then slowly over time it changes into something else.

A child should never be in this position. Overtime cycles repeat if not recovered. Even a person, that was powerful over in their own, wears down over time right becomes trapped, confused and dis-empowered. There is NO WAY OUT of extreme situations of trauma. They do not even know they are abused. Their shame, guilt and trauma bonding prevents them to even self identify as a victim of abuse. They see themselves as bad and deserving all the bad that befalls them. Professional intervention is required. First responders need to have training on the subtle red flags and specialized professionals trained in the psychopathology that caused them to be so severely injured has to diagnose the perpetrated trauma and the fragile personality in order to recover the traumatized child, possibly now adult.

Empowerment is the Solution

The truth is families are searching for help in almost every case.  The current system lets them slip through the cracks. The first responders and professionals need to be Trauma Informed to see the subtle red flags of early intervention.  By the time the children are in crisis, they have one foot in the grave.  Early intervention is not found in the  hospitals, addiction centers, or jails.  Breaking the cycle of runaways, addiction, incarceration, criminal activities, trafficking and death has to be the answer.

Collaboration as Support for Recovery 

Collaboration is accomplished through education, awareness, early identification of first responders and professionals to identify the early signs of abuse that cause traumatic injury from different types of psychopathologies resulting in traumatic injury and trauma bonding. Trauma Informed and other evidence based programs that focus on long term transition for the child victims, families, and communities  recover from the coercive controls and the many associated abuses, one day at a time.

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