An Appeal for Free Speech!

We are knee-deep in Very trying times.  Myriad events, and nearly warring factions are testing the very core of our National Resolve.  Nerves are frayed, patience is running preciously thin, we are at a boiling point. 

Some things ought to unite us.  Basic tenants, ideals that define our Exceptional Nation, ought to bridge any and every divide.  The sanctity of childhood.  National security.  Fairness.  Unity.  Due process.  And yes, Free Speech.  All these concepts ought to cross any partisan aisle.  Universal Truths if you will. 

Sadly, we have personally been repeatedly assaulted.  Our household is Patriotic.  We are dedicated to our nation.  We believe that our collective Greatest Goal is to assure that every citizen can realize their highest potential.  Chemists ought to be free to experiment.  Engineers ought to reach their highest and best ideas.  Janitors ought to be free to be the most efficient floor polishers.  There is Nothing as evil as intentionally Throttling another—of holding them back for one’s own agenda. 

Which is why we are adamant that the Vandal, the habitual, chronic, fascist censor that was caught red handed silencing with impunity our free speech, ought to be held to the maximum accountability. 

On July 7, a neighbor eye witnessed and confronted a person vandalizing our political sign.  The sheriff’s deputy interviewed our witness, and my wife.  Our witness positively identified the perp (a 77-year-old who has owned and operated a shop in the area for Decades!).  Upon confrontation by the Deputy, the perp’s response was an indignant, “Well!  If they are going to put up a sign like That, they ought to Expect this!!”  As if, “expecting” is equivalent to “Accepting”.  We have fire and rescue at airports.  We have emergency medics at NASCAR races.  We may, indeed, “Expect” crashes, but We Do Not Accept them! 

We have had Three other neighbors volunteer their tales of woe and malicious encounters (often face-to-face!) with this malcontent neighborhood terror.  Our signs have been vandalized since—this only galvanizes our resolve to replace and repair their attempts at silencing.  We also Must send a message, that this Will Not Be Tolerated, and there Will be Consequences! 

Friends and Neighbors, all partisanship aside, Fascists Silence Free Speech!!  This is an issue we ALL ought to object to!  This is something NONE of us ought to tolerate.  This is something No one ought to be subjected to. 

This perp was confronted, has been charged, has been indignant and defiant about his transgressions.  I appeal to you All, conservative or liberal, to join us at 10:00 on September 21, to pack the gallery at the Fauquier County Courthouse.  We should all wear identifying clothing (MAGA or KAG or Trump gear works) to show the judge how many of us find this person’s actions Despicable, Degenerate, Deplorable, Intolerant, and INTOLERABLE! 

I have been assured that we are welcome to pack the gallery, that our presence will Not influence the perpetrator’s guilt or innocence, but MAY influence the SENTENCING aspects of this case. 

So please, if you are able and willing, Join Us, September 21, at 10:00, at the Fauquier County Courthouse!! 

“Buy or Sell Real Estate, NOW? What are you, NUTS??”

Lately, many folks I speak with, work with, and encounter express reticence and skepticism about the current state of economic affairs, and how that is influencing their position regarding Real Estate transactions.

These are scary times, indeed. Uncertainty seems the word of the day. The public health, the stock market fluctuations, unemployment figures, are all causing unrest and upheaval in the industry. Nonetheless, families still come into being, divorces happen, people still make the leap of faith and exit abusive relationships, people do still die of other natural causes, and opportunities do present themselves. At the end of the day, we all still need someplace to lay our head. In short, life still does go on.

We are currently presented with a combination of factors that make buying and selling, NOW, a great opportunity. Interest rates literally cannot get lower. Financial institutions are Very eager and keen to fulfill transactions. Fuel is practically free. Inflation is at near zero (thank God!!, but more on That in another blog!). And, as said earlier, we still need a place to lay our heads.

To folks that say, “Well… I’m just unsure. I think I want to wait this out, see how things evolve.”, I reply: I am convinced that the current excellent buying and selling environment will not last. Prognosticating, I see, at Best, the continuation of a strong market. A not-good scenario involves the introduction of inflation, increasing fuel costs, a continued economic shutdown, and freezing of assets. A “Worst-Case” scenario involves complete socialization of our culture, nationalizing our industries, freezing of bank accounts, and civil unrest. And we Still need a place to lay our head!!

I predict a volatile and changing American landscape. Even if the “Worst-Case” scenario, above, were to come to pass, you’d still be Harry and/or Harriet Homeowner. However, if Anything Other than continuation of our current unprecedented state of economy were to come to pass, it will become horribly difficult to Become a homeowner! So, here we’ve got the confluence of several factors that make Now a golden opportunity. At very best, those factors will not remain in place another six months. The only sure thing is Change. And change from where we are now (be it to one of continued hardship to actual full-on Socialism) makes the prospect of buying and selling, except in the most rare of circumstances, a very long shot.

In my opinion, the only sort of buying I’d be more cautious about Now, is buying with the eye to flip or resell in six months or a year. Because, we now live, as the Chinese Curse says, “…In Interesting Times”. The Future is less sure than ever, and the present far eclipses what may come next, in terms of favorable influences.

So Let’s Go Find Your Next Home!!

Chris & Debbie Cloud
Realtors at Encompass Real Properties & Strategic Consultants @ CD Encompass

Are you Concerned or Confused about Virginia Politics and Legislation of Late?


American Life & Liberty is organizing the


at CROCKETT PARK in Midland (off Meetze Road right before Rt 28) in Fauquier County on FEBRUARY 29, 2020!

Gates opening at 9am and close at 4pm.  ALL ARE INVITED. 

Since the November election, the new legislators have introduced bills that many consider Radical and Outrageous. Across the State, large groups of people have gathered to protest and speak out against this legislation, ask their representatives to kill the bills, and protect our Fine State.  We had over 2,000 turn out for the Board of Supervisors on December 12, 2019 with over 150 speakers, as reported by Fauquier Now.

Due to the overwhelming plea from the citizens, the Board of Supervisor Chris Butler tabled the BOS vote to create a Fauquier 2A Constitutional Resolution that had more TEETH. On December 23, 2019 with a 5 to 0 vote the NEW VERSION passed, as reported by Local Media. The Board of Supervisors, with the support of the Sheriff, Commonwealth Attorney, and their Lobbyist will continue to fight against any law that infringes on the rights of Fauquier citizens.

The Legislative Session (House and Senate) in Richmond is ending on March 7th, when the House & Senate Bills will be forwarded to the Governor to become Laws.  Now is the time to come together to hear from our legislature and expert speakers about how these new laws will impact us, the people of Virginia. 

As bills become law, what will happen?  If the gun ban happens, will they break down my door to take my guns? (NO!)  Will new laws make my taxes go up?  What will actually influence or change my daily life? 

There are ways to fight against the unconstitutional laws.  There are ways to flip our government back into a balance that could mitigate the damage done.  There are real issues in our culture. How do we address these issues?  This is not about partisan politics.  This is about AMERICAN LIFE & LIBERTY.

ALL ARE WELCOMEJoin the RALLY on February 29, 2020 with national, state and local speakers from 10am-3pm.  Gates open at 9am.  The rally will have food, vendors and music.  *No hate or violent protesting allowed.

This press release is approved by American Life & Liberty, a new non-connected Political Action Committee dedicated to helping American Citizens have a government that supports their Values and ensure their Life & Liberty.

Our Merry Band of Patriots Went on a Field Trip

I am honored to be a part of a growing grass roots group of folks who are increasingly concerned with the trajectory of our local, state, and federal politics. American Life & Liberty – Action Coalition had eight of it’s members head down to Richmond LAST Monday, the 13th, specifically to meet with key Legislators Before the busyness of “Lobby Day”, January 20th. Our group was representing three organizations working together for all Americans: American Life & Liberty, Family Alliance Network and Virginia Women Voters Coalition (coming soon).

Our intent was to gain an audience with as many of or local Representatives as we could, but Specifically with Elisabeth Guzman, as many of us see her as Key to many pieces of legislation we find most disturbing.

We were not disappointed. Following is an account of our day, and the unexpected meetings and moments along the way.

We carpooled in three cars, coming to Richmond from the north and the south. We arrived at around 8:30 to a modicum of confusion and unexpected lines, as both civilians and elected officials hoping to enter the Pocahontas Building (where House Representatives and Senators’ offices are housed) were met with heightened security measures including metal detectors and scanners. Mind you, this was the Monday following the sneaky underhanded under the table and unaccountable “committee” had decided to disallow firearms (from ANYone) inside the buildings on the Capital.

The mood was mostly jovial and enjoyable–most felt a bit of fellowship and camaraderie (and, the weather was fair, and the line moved reasonably). Once inside, we found our way to the fourth floor, where some of the representatives we hoped to meet with had offices, but also where (coincidentally–we did Not schedule our visit to coincide with any events or protest) the NRA was housed for their day of action. They were handing out 30 round AR magazines, and information/propaganda.

Our plan was to meet with Elisabeth Guzman, speak our pieces, then split and half of us attend both houses of congress. I was unsure how Guzman would receive us, if we would have an audience, and her reactions to “opposition”. I left her office still an ardent adversary, but with new respect for her.

We filed in and, over the next hour, told her our stories about why firearms were important to us, and that they were far more often “a great equalizer”; a tool of both racial and sexual equality. She was respectful and receptive of the messages. I went last, suspecting that my statement may be provocative, or taint her opinion of the rest of our group.

While the others described their enjoyment of sport, or need for self- or home- protection, My position was that those were secondary or collateral benefits of the 2nd. I said the purpose of the 2nd was the ability to overthrow tyrants. Full stop. I also told her that I did not doubt her sincerity, her dedication, or her devotion, and that she had as much chance of changing my views and ideas as I did of hers. Also, that I saw her, fully. That I saw her intent, her end game, her ideals. And that I fully, totally, entirely disagreed with her positions, values, views, and objectives, and that it was my mission to resist her at every turn (with all due respect). I said that, rather than even insult her integrity or my values trying in vain to change each other’s beliefs, I was focusing on replacing her.

We parted friends, and she accepted an invite from a member of our group to come up to Fauquier to go shooting (as she never has, before). Del Guzman actually reached out to one member of our group about her personal experience since it touched her. The women in the group plan to return with a follow up appointment with the new group Virginia Women Voters Coalition.

So, it was a surprisingly pleasant meeting.

We went to both the Senate and House Gallery, where our group was recognized and welcomed on the Floor of each chamber by Senator Jill Vogel in the Senate and Delegate Michael Webert in the House of Delegates.

The Virginia Capital building was designed by Thomas Jefferson as the first US Government Building. The grounds are stunning, overwhelming with beautiful architecture, statuary, and history.

We also met that day with our Delegate Michael Webert, and our Senator Jill Vogel.

The greatest, most unexpected pleasure of the day, however, was a very last-minute meeting with The Great Nick Freitas. Another Link for a Man for Virginia.

We asked for an audience with Delegate Freitas, and he welcomed our group into his (very busy) office, shut the door, and spent a fantastic Hour and a Half with us, hearing our concerns and showing sincere interest and concern with our issues.

We even had chance to meet with Delegate Chris Collins, who joined the meeting with Delegate Freitas to discuss the real safety concerns that are not addressed by the proposed bills in the 2020 60-day session. Delegate Collins is a fine, dedicated man, with insight and personal experience invaluable to our cause.

The group followed up with him at his office after we left Del Freitas office.

Our day was filled with encounters of all sort. We met the Caped Crusader of Hemp.

The Green New Deal was also wonderfully represented (although they were relegated to literally hiding in a dead-end hallway! And then removed from the building and not allowed back for disrupting the building with their outbursts.

There were also dozens, hundreds of Concerned Citizens, all around the Capitol grounds sharing their concerns with the media, Delegates, Senators and other citizens worried about the future of Virginia.

We left Richmond with a very strong sense of accomplishment, and cooperation with our elected officials. This might have been our first trip to the Capital, but it is far from our last. The experience taught us the power of building bridges and working on relationships. The diversity of our group and the power of our dedication is the strength of our efforts. This is not the last you will hear from our efforts.

Stay tuned. We will be checking in regularly.

Prices Dropping Like Leaves!

Debbie and I have Four listings you all may want to know about–Four that have had Major price reductions this week.

First up, we have our great five bedroom, three bath family home with full unfinished walk-out basement near Orlean on over Ten wooded and clear acres. Featuring brand new flooring and paint throughout, this home is turn-key ready to welcome it’s next family. Drastic price reduction to only $525,000 (BELOW assessed value)!!

Next, we have a Stunning four bedroom, 3.5 bath Chalet just six miles south of Front Royal, surrounded by epic Blue Ridge and Skyline Mountain Views, just reduced $15k, to $675,000. Close enough to commute to the City, yet far enough to be considered for a second-home or mountain retreat. Come be IN the Views! We are holding Open Houses This Saturday, November 2, and Next Saturday And Sunday, the 9th and 10th!

Right Back in Marshall, just three miles from I66, this amazing Custom home on over seven fully-fenced acres has a new, lower price of $589,000. The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and materials make this home a show-stopper. Images just don’t do it justice!

Our second Orlean area four bed, 3.5 bath home with semi-finished walk-out basement sits on over ten mostly wooded acres, has TONS of potential, and features an open loft with Three bedrooms and Two Full Baths, overlooking the main level living room with cathedral ceilings and two-story stone fireplace! Price just dropped $10,000!

Debbie and I would Welcome the opportunity to show you these homes, or find you Exactly what you are seeking!

EXCELLENT Investment Opportunity! $238,500 4/2! Reno and Flip, or Live in Yourself. 40′ X 60′ Morton two stall Horse Barn, Over Two acres!

This is a true Diamond in the Rough. Home has enormous potential. There are three bedrooms and one full bath upstairs. The finished walk-out basement features one bedroom, one “bonus room”, one full bath, and full living room with fireplace that can easily be converted to an autonomous apartment with the addition of a kitchenette.

The Home IS livable “as-is”, but is in need renovation. All systems (septic, well, electrical, roof, foundation, etc), and the structure appear in fine condition. Appliances, flooring, paint, kitchen and bath fixtures, toilets and shower/tubs ought be replaced.

Any interested parties MUST contact us, the listing agents, to arrange showing. Candidates have to be pre-qualified. We accompany all showings.

Easy commute to Fredricksburg, Culpeper, Bealton, Warrenton, Manassas, and points East.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, drive by or show up unannounced!

Home is an EXCELLENT investment, offered at only $238,500, for two+ acres, four bed/two bath, 40 X 60 Morton barn with two-stalls and fenced yard.

Please see the listing HERE.


Debbie and I are excited to present this Perfect Rancher, on five private acres with its OWN fish-packed pond, Just off Rt. 17 in Goldvein!  Empty-nesters looking to downsize, or new families seeking a great Starter Home will find this three bed two bath home Very attractive.  Commutes to Fredricksburg, Warrenton, or even Culpeper are a breeze from this conveniently located home. 

Your surroundings are quiet and peaceful on this great lot offering a perfect combination of manicured lawn, pond, and woods.  Just updated (and Gorgeous!) kitchen, open floor-plan great room, two-car garage, and new deck overlooking the woods all mean this little gem will host its next family Very soon! 

Please feel free to check out this delightful home at the links Here or Here

We would be honored to show you this home, or answer any questions you may have.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Debbie or me, at either, 571-451-9112 or 571-468-1068 Today!


We are excited to offer a +/-900 Acre world class WORKING cattle farm, near Madison Virginia. Facility will easily accommodate up to 400 head of cattle. Current break down is approximately half in pastureland, and half in supporting agriculture (hay, feed corn, etc). Available for purchase are +/-250 head of cattle, tractors, equipment, fuel and grain in bunker. Farm comes with several tenant and management homes of varying size and status.

The farm is not for sale. The owner is seeking a long term land lease.

The ranch is located within easy striking distance to Charlottsville, Culpeper, and Warrenton, still convenient to I 95 and Northern Virginia. We are eager to speak with interested and qualified parties. Further information available, contingent on signing of a basic Confidentiality Agreement.

Feel Free to reach out to us at 571-451-9112, or

If you are hoping to enter the Real Estate market this Spring or Summer, this is what you ought to be doing Right! Now!

I paused from painting the trim on a client’s baseboard, to answer an incoming phone call from a buyer-client, when I noticed two texts had come in from another buyer, and an investor. This is the Season, and it’s going to be a BUSY Spring and Summer!! A bit of backstory—

A selling client wanted to replace their floors and do some other updates and major spring cleaning before we listed their house online. The floor salesman strongly suggested they abandon the old, dark stain wood trim in favor of clean, crisp white painted trim. This would give the house an updated look and would match far more flooring options.

The client is already juggling chainsaws, what with kids, full-time jobs, and a shrinking home improvement war chest. Debbie and I decided to pitch in and get some skin in the game. So, we painted. And advised. And juggled our Own chainsaws while doing so. Hence the incoming phone call, and other texts that demanded attention.

It’s All in the Preparation!

The calling Buyer was asking about arranging a land survey and a home inspection on the property they were looking at. The text from the other Buyer was requesting the contact information for our Banker, and times for the VHDA classes. The text from the investor was about projected interest rates, and where best to obtain demographic reports for doctors and lawyers in Warrenton.

If you are hoping to Buy Real Estate this year, Now is the time to get BUSY. Now is when Buyers ought to be speaking with the Mortgage Banker either of their choice, or of our recommendation. The Mortgage Banker can tell you your Credit Score and give you an idea of what you qualify for Now, and what simple plan of action to take to easily and quickly qualify for a Larger mortgage. Your banker can provide you with a Certificate of Funds Letter. Now is also a great time to take the VHDA Classes, available most every weekend, and even online. Few things are as frustrating and disheartening than a doe-eyed buyer falling in love with their dream home, only to find out they don’t Qualify for it!

February is when Sellers begin prepping their homes for market. Begin all the “Honey-Do” tasks and home improvements You feel comfortable tackling. Paint walls, trim, clear out clutter and garbage, and scrub-a-dub-dub All surfaces. Contractors are Very rapidly being booked up for the early spring season. Now is the time to interview contractors and put down deposits for flooring, kitchen and bath upgrades, major painting, or landscaping projects that will make your home more appealing to buyers. Remember, first impressions are crucial!

” Honey, Do?”

Investors, while Commercial Real Estate is more year-round than Residential, Summer is when Many businesses and professionals chose to shift locations, grow into new space, or launch their Dream Businesses. Winter and Spring are great times to be on the prowl for attractive commercial spaces. Study traffic flow reports from VDOT, Demographic reports from Economic Development, and meet with the Enterprise Centers and Incubators for prospective business entrepreneurs.

What made this even more humerus was, to answer the phone I had to turn down the radio. WTOP was mid-interview of a major area Realtor that was espousing the Exact same sentiments–how to ready for the Coming Real Estate Season! If Debbie and I can be of any assistance, from advising to listing to Closing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Even if it is to direct you to another agent more suited to your needs, out goal is to help you realize your Real Estate Goals!


Chris & Debbie Cloud

Have you dreamed of owning a home? Have you thought about it So long, been thwarted so often, that you have given up on the idea? Do you believe you are relegated to the world of forever being a tenant? Renting is perfectly fine, if that is sincerely what you WANT.

But if you have Any desire to enter the Wonderful World of Homeownership, Debbie and I have several innovative and intriguing opportunities for you to consider. We are Very pleased to announce we have teamed up with a National Group that makes Homeownership a possibility for many.

It’s Far more possible than you may think!!


They have a pre-selected batch of homes across Virginia, including many in Fauquier County.

Actual Fauquier County home already in their program!

As a prospective buyer, you sign up with this group. If you pass their simple qualifications, They will purchase the home with the specific intent of placing you in the home as the designated Tenant. In fact, they anticipate you’ll step up and purchase, within five years. They also gladly consider other homes brought to their attention. Let’s say you find a home you Really want, but you just aren’t quite there with the down payment, or your credit score needs work. Our group is a great option. If the home you are interested in meets their reasonable requirements (the major conditions are, the home is not a condo, has no pool, has a paved driveway, and is not bank owned, among a few other factors), they will buy it, with you as the intended tenant and, ultimately, the home owner.

We are excited to announce that we already have two clients in this pipeline, with two more giving serious consideration. This plan may make your dreams of home ownership possible.

Next, the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) has a great day-long seminar that educates prospective home owners in the areas of Personal Finances and Credit Scoring, What a Realtor Does, Getting a Loan, Home Maintenance, Mortgages, and What Happens at Settlement and Closing. Think of it as a “Homebuying 101” class. Upon completion (the course can also be taken online), a certificate is issued that is good for two years. Graduates are eligible for better options for loans, and possible grants and financial aid for closing costs. We cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Free classes always available, or Online!

Lastly, we also have affiliations with two outstanding mortgage brokers. After a brief interview, they can advise of the best plan of action to improve one’s chances of being approved for a mortgage. Once approved, they can provide a letter of approval

These three “secret weapons”, used simultaneously, can make your dreams of Homeownership a Reality!

If interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Debbie or me. We’d love to see your dreams realized, and we would be honored to have been of assistance!